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One of our main projects is to provide affordable living and workspace for creatives.  The ARTHOUSE will be the first in the line of collective living, where creatives are charged a flat fee to have living quarters, studio or workspace, and the option to have meals provided for them. 


Each site will have a business centre, workshops, studios, living quarters suitable for individual needs, as well as catering for those will families. This is a collective of ideas and shared projects. Aiming towards sustainable living, providing a community charging station for electric vehicles.


The Arthouse started as a discussion between Scarborough Arts Foundation, the Arts community in North Yorkshire, and third party organisations in and around the UK. In the past three years, there has been a sharp increase in artists moving to North Yorkshire and Scarborough, due to the light, the immense skies and the sea, which have inspired many artists over centuries. Scarborough is currently benefiting from an arts and cultural Renaissance. The development of a contemporary art space, which is inclusive, accessible, family-friendly, and with flexible space for performances, events and education, as well as office and residential spaces, is identified as a growing need. And will sit alongside the current cultural offering within NY, and not in direct competition.

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Our first proposed site: After our campaign to take over the former art collage, Westwood Campus in Scarborough was unsuccessful. We are looking for new proposed sites that can be converted into new multi-purpose arts space or a dedicated spaces that could support the following;​​​

Scarborough Contemporary

Contemporary Art Space would be a all-year attraction bringing in visitors to the area and helping support local businesses. Similar developments that have had a purpose built space have witnessed a dramatic increase to the footfall of up to 40% in high season and up to 70% in off-season. This space will cover all aspects of the arts, from gallery exhibitions to performing arts and visual arts. ​​


Scarco (Scarborough Arts Foudation). The short/long term letting of, Artist Studios. With the sharp rise of artists selling up and leaving London, many are looking for smaller towns with a strong arts' scene, including easily accessible studio space, and resources.

Music Studios

Music Studios. Yorkshire is home to some exceptional talent that comes to Scarborough to produce and record. The Borough is the home of two record labels. 


Aerosilk Records is a global record group that produces reggae music.


The Scarborough Music group. An organisation that supports networking musicians, music venues, promoters, music journalists and event organisers. Providing early career artists the opportunity to have their music professionally produced. Both of these organisations are willing to sign on for long term studio and office space.                  

Film Set

Filming & Digital Art

Film and Television Studios with Production suite. Scarborough is the home to two production companies, one of which produces TV documentaries for channel4. Film and TV studios will create space for companies wanting to move from London or Leeds.

A Digital Centre. A space providing digital artists, writers or smaller teams with shared access to computer space. Computers and stations to be provided by us, with expansion of new technologies over the next five years.                                   

Office Spaces. Affordable spaces for charities, organisations and businesses that are involved in the arts. Under this, we would like to offer space to Crescent Arts.


Arthouse is a new approach to accommodation for an overcrowded Britan. Arthouse is a collective-living-space that provides private living quarters for those in the arts, including a communal kitchen/cafe (with an in-house chef).


Westwood would become a new contemporary art space that would provide an all-year-round attraction for holiday-makers, daily visitors and residents.  With the rental of flats, studios and office space, Westwood will be self funded once completed. Its goal is to support the visual, performing and contemporary arts.

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For the first stage of this project, we are raising £1,250,000 over the next five years. 


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Scarborough Arts Foudantion is a non-profit.