Open Call for Artists ~ Painterly.

A new online magazine is looking for artists, writers, actors and creatives to feature on their Medium Publication. The Magazine will go live on the 20 April showing photos, videos and interviews. Arts organizations are allowed to submit events and publications.

Painterly is a new project, therefore please follow the guidelines shown below.

Please submit no fewer than 5 images of your best work, with optional images or video of exhibitions, studio, theatre work, etc. You will need to write your own bio and statement to be submitted by email. If successful I will conduct an interview online.

If you would like to respond by video please try to keep the interview under 20 minutes. All videos will be edited. Images submitted will be used in the publication. There is no cost for submissions or publication.

The article can have a maximum of 3 pictures and 1 video which is free. If you would like more than three images to go into the article, then there will be a fee of £2 for every picture. For every extra video, there is a fee of £5. Videos over the 20 minutes limit will have a fee of £2 for every extra 10 minutes.

Please note you do not have to buy extras and it will not affect publication.

There is no extra charge for Charities. Art organisations will have to pay £5 for articles or advertisement up to 2 images, 1 video and 500 hundred words. Extras can be done on an agreement.

Please submit to

Painterly is a publication of Scarborough Arts Foundation. Payments will go to good causes.

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