Coronavirus & Supporting Charities.

The Coronavirus has taken a sudden impact on daily life and has shown the very best of us, as well as the very worst.

With the shortage of food and of course toilet roll, there has never been a time that needed charitable giving as now.

There has been a surge of "charities" and "non-profits" asking for donations. Please check that these are not scams and registered on the HMRC website.

Please support local charities that have an immediate impact on our community. For this reason, we are not accepting donations until this crisis is over.

The Rainbow Centre in Scarborough is a very worthy charity that provides food, clothing and support to households that are struggling and the homeless.

Please donate food and supplies to the food collection points or visit the Rainbow Centre on Castle Road.

Please support elderly neighbour's and relatives that may be too proud to ask for support.

Please support each other, hoarding is taking food and supplies from those that really need it. We are all affected and only by supporting each other can we push past this crisis.

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